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Iván Simonovis junto a Carlos Vecchio, miembros del clan Guaidó (Foto: Alexander Drago / Reuters)

Militants of chaos

After millions of attempts to overthrow Chavismo have failed, it is now the turn of the Colombian paramilitaries and their local franchises.  To create chaos, explains Ivan Simonovis in a video, choked with sadism, like a Batman villain, where he tells his secret plan like chickens before hatching, celebrating a victory that will never come.

Chaos.  That has been the objective of a group of psychopaths recruited by Washington as their political hit men.  Chaos for a country they despise, which is nothing but a teat to suck dry, to sell it off, broken in pieces, as long as there’s a slice left for them.  It’s always been that way, since that one fine day that Chavez never went away.

Batman’s villain congratulates himself because El Coqui’s gang rains bullets down on Caracas and is synchronized with the Colombian narco trafficer at the Apureña border.  The Joker and the Penguin celebrate the achievement because, as he himself explains, his plan for our country — not his — is to sow chaos.

The chaos of turning bloodthirsty criminals into victims of the government that fights them.  Criminals and their henchmen from the neighborhood and the mountains.  All of them filthy — the journalists who whitewash them, the NGOs that elevate them to libertarian martyrs.  Criminals who do not disguise the pleasure they take in the deaths of our soldiers, who have no human rights, of course, because chaos also strips away the humanity of anyone who defends Venezuela from chaos.

Chaos is a pandemic without vaccines, without medicines — por favor — with millions of used body bags.  They block vaccines and demand vaccines for all, while they suffer for the dead that we do not let die.

Chaos to prevent the possible making of a better world.  So that all children cannot eat, that all children can’t go to school.  That the slaves continue to be slaves, so that joy is extinguished, so that all suffer and despair — which is the only hope of the sowers of chaos.

The same chaos of the coup d’état, the oil sabotage, the guarimbas (violent street protests) in all their editions, more and more violent… the chaos of the economic war of Lorenzo, the chaos of the sanctions, of the interim moron (Juan Guaidó) and his government of snot, the chaos of the looting that they manage and promote in exchange for expensive crumbs that fill Fabi and Lilian’s refrigerator.

The chaos that metabolized hatred and turned it into morals and good manners, the same as cynicism.  The hatred and cynicism that tried to justify burning people alive, that dehumanized its victims, that applauds every aggression against Venezuela, that allows Simonovis to tell the macabre plan of his masters as if it were a feat.  The one that condemns the hunger that its sanctions generate, while they eat a snack, laughing their heads off, on the terrace of a five-star hotel in Madrid.  The one that denounces corruption with bills of plunder spilling out of their pockets, with their parasitic relatives squandering their obscene new wealth in Miami, Madrid and Bogota.  And there is no one among them who is indignant, except for the fact that they have not been able to overthrow Maduro.

The chaos that took over the opposition kidnapped by the rotten cesspool, pulverizing it, immobilizing it, leaving it with no other recourse but chaos.  Like a snake biting its own tail, it’s still trapped in its circle of hatred and violence.  Some people do not know how to get out of it, who do not understand that politics is useful.  That the shit that their leaders dragged them into is not politics at all.  They are made to suspect anyone who wants to work for their country.  They accuse them of being a “collaborationist” in the best of cases, a Chavista in the worst.

The opposition chaos still kidnaps many who, although horrified by so many aggressions against this country they love, do not know how to raise their voices to defend it.  They first make excuses, because the chaos has forced them to believe that defending Venezuela is something for Chavistas.

The chaos can be contained; with courage, clawing with our bare hands, with our teeth, with a cold head and nerves of steel, with dignity and conscience.   And yes, with a lot of pain.  But with each blow comes more strength and more conviction that we will win.  Venezuela will win!

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