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El exgeneral venezolano Clíver Alcalá estaba organizando un ejército de voluntarios para derrocar al presidente Maduro (Foto: Archivo)

Coup Plotter Cliver Alcala’s Confession ‘Compromises US National Security’

The United States does not want disclosure of classified materials that allegedly “involve Venezuela with drug trafficking,” claiming that such information may cause “serious damage to national security” of the US. Such a decision came from the prosecutors in New York trying former Venezuelan general Clíver Alcalá Cordones of Operation Gideon fame, who has been accused on drug trafficking. This makes one wonder what information could Alcalá be supplying makes US intelligence conclude that it should be kept secret.

Alcalá, who was involved in the Operation Gideon and other plots to assassinate or abduct Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, was extradited by Colombia to the United States in March 2020, after he had surrendered to Colombian authorities with the promise of providing information that allegedly linked the Venezuelan government to drug trafficking.

Since 2011, the US Department of Justice announced Alcalá as a drug trafficker, and offered $10 million for his capture. He is currently being held in New York without being sentenced.

What Alcalá has said so far in the trial is that US intelligence was aware of all the terrorist operations against Maduro, and also knew about the involvement of US citizens and a contractor from the US in all these plots. A badly kept secret.

Although it is not yet clear what information the US does not want to come to light, prosecutors in New York want to preserve evidence that contains “state secrets.”

“They argue disclosure of classified material would cause serious damage to [US] national security,” wrote AP journalist Joshua Goodman on Twitter. He also said that Judge Hellerstein had the last word and, indeed, he did. Goodman is hardly an impartial source—many link him with the US State Department and even with US intelligence agencies.

“Judge Hellerstein, in less than 24 hours, grants prosecutors’ request to keep secret classified materials involving Venezuela that US intelligence officials say would bring ‘serious damage to national security,'” Goodman posted on Twitter later on same day.

According to investigations carried out by the Venezuelan State, the confessions of the mercenary contractors who planned Operation Gideon as well as of Alcalá himself revealed that both the intelligence structures of Colombia and those of the United States, and also the White House (during the Trump administration), were aware of and gave their approval to the armed invasion of May 2020 intended to kidnap and even assassinate President Nicolás Maduro and other Chavista leaders.

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